How to Craft Sacred Affirmations

Last May I wrote a piece about affirmations. I felt really excited about it because I’d come so far in my learning about affirmations. I felt I was really ready to share what I knew. I spent several days working on this piece. I wrote thousands of words as I worked and reworked the writing. I’d gotten so far and had even edited my way through a significant portion of the work. It was about 75% complete. But I never finished it nor did it get shared.

One year later, on a cloudy April morning, I woke up with yet another spin cycle of negative thoughts and feelings (which has been fairly normal for me in the last six months). After months of being quite distant from many of my personal practices and struggling to make sense of where I’m at in life, I heard clearly, before even getting out of bed, “Affirmations.” I needed to utilize my affirmations.

It took me a few days to clear the cob-webs and make time to take pen to paper. But once I finally did it was like the last piece of a puzzle clicking into place. I felt how deeply supportive affirmations can truly be when used in the right way. Everything I thought I knew about affirmations took on a whole new layer of meaning.


When I woke up this morning to write I wanted to go back to the original piece about affirmations. I wanted to see if I could jump right in, add the new layer of learning, finish editing it, and *poof* onto the blog. But it wasn’t that easy. I’m different today. How I write is different. The entire piece felt two shades too bright for my taste. Plus, my understanding of affirmations is different. Affirmations mean more to me today than they once did.

Originally, I learned them as a tool for egoic manipulation. If I could craft the right phrase, use it the right number of times per day, then over time I’d get the abundance, material items, friends, and fame I desired. I cringe at even re-telling this.

Unfortunately, this is how many people still use affirmations. It’s the wrong way to wield the power of one’s mind. It’s inherently disrespectful of the natural laws of the Universe and disregards the sacredness of Life and the higher workings at play.

When I sat down last May to write the original piece about affirmations I knew all about the wrong way. I also knew the right way to use affirmations. I had a clear understanding of how supportive affirmations can truly be. And yet, I still wanted to share them with you as though they were tokens of good fortune that could be consumed like PEZ candy. This use also feels gravely misaligned.


Affirmations are allies of strong support. They deserve to be respected and honored as the friends they are on our journey through life. And to be truly effective, they require tender care and attentiveness as you craft words with sincere meaning. When done properly affirmations wield immense power.

They lift you up from the depths and darkness of your own mind. They buffer you against the harshness of your inner critic. They encourage, support, and motivate you in the moments when you need it most. They clear away the cobwebs of confusion and shine a light on the road ahead. They help you to see the truth of who you are and align to a vision greater than you originally imagined. They remind you of your great power and your connectedness with all of life.

And this last piece, it’s the whole point. To be reminded of our power and connection to life. When we feel powerful we can wake up and face the day. We can put one foot in front of the next. We can speak our truth. We can direct our focus. We can make decisions to support our highest good. We can stand up for ourselves. We can settle into where we’re at in life. We can be sure of who we are no matter the circumstance. And we can know we belong.


Crafting affirmations isn’t a flippant exercise. It’s a sacred task. If you’re up for it, take a few minutes now and do this with me. Grab a pen, paper, and quiet place. Meet yourself at the heart of wherever you are at in life right now.

What thoughts, feelings, or situations are weighing on you — truly? Take up these thoughts, feelings, and situations with great tenderness, love, and care as you would a newborn baby. Cradle the baby in your arms and look into her eyes. How does she want to be spoken to?

Does she want to be reminded of her worth? Does she need to know it’s going to be alright? Does she want to hear how the Great Mother/Father has her best interest at heart? Does she need to see that where she’s at is perfect for her? What truth or wisdom or knowing does she need to feel reverberate through her being? What words would soothe her?

Speak the words that feel the truest and have the most heart. These are words that heal. Carry them in your belly. Draw on them anytime you need them with love in your heart.


There are many nuances and layers to crafting affirmations. Some may struggle to find the words having never heard the right words spoken to them before or had never known any truth other than the negative voices given to them as a child. All of which can make it difficult to connect with the power of affirmations.

And yet, we all start somewhere. If you struggle to feel the power and effectiveness of affirmations but feel called to work with them, then I want to encourage you to set an intention. While awareness is always the starting place, intention is the first step.

Intend to have a relationship with affirmations. Call them in as an ally. Intend to discover words that will soothe you, support you, and direct your focus and attention in a positive direction. Allow this to be your starting place. Once you’ve set your intention remain open and available for the right words to find you. Make time each day or once a week to reflect and contemplate the power of words and which words might feel right for you.

Of course, if you have any questions or want support with this process, please reach out. I’m happy to support you in whatever way feels right.

May affirmations be a supportive ally for you on this journey through life.


Today I’ve put this exercise in video form. My intention is to help you get the feel for what it means to craft a sacred affirmation and how to do that. Check it out here.

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Fellow human sharing my heart and soul journey in words >>>

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Paula D. Jones

Paula D. Jones

Fellow human sharing my heart and soul journey in words >>>

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