I met with my sister the other day to catch up, connect, and spend time together. It had been many weeks since we’d seen or talked with each other. It was so good to hear what she’d been up to and how she’d been doing. After she shared about what was going on for her, she asked about me.

I could have started with a long list of all the happenings. I could have talked about my recent trip, updates about my work, plans with my partner, or upcoming trips. …

Do you ever notice how you feel when you first decide to wake up? Before your eyes are even open and you’ve lifted yourself out of bed do you feel anything or does it take a moment? What’s present for you as you roll from the comfort of your bed and into your morning routines? Are there any feelings or thoughts shaping your experience from the get-go?

When I wake, whether by alarm or naturally, my first thought is about waking. The transition from sleep to wakefulness is either painful or easeful. Either slow and luxurious or swift and on…

Today I wake and pause. Somethings here. It’s drawing my ear in towards my center. It’s making light, almost imperceptible whispers. It’s been here.

When it arrived I’m not sure. But it rests gently at the edges of my chest between my shoulders in the realm of my heart. I sense its presence more noticeably now. It took me a few days.

I woke on Wednesday to move about my day as I expected I would with vigor, enthusiasm, inspiration, and productivity. I spent the morning writing. I ventured from the house for a couple of errands, out in the…

In my 30 years of living, privacy has never been an overt concern for me. In fact, I’ve often driven myself in the opposite direction in my attempts at making connections and building relationships (hello, relational insecurity). But in the last six months after ending my long-term relationship and moving in with my family, I’ve realized that privacy isn’t reserved for hermits and antisocials. It’s a legitimate desire.

Impact of Culture and Society on Privacy

First, it’s important to acknowledge the impact of western culture and society on the notion of privacy. …

It’s hard for me to write today. *Story of my life.* But, remarkably, it’s not for the same reasons that it has been over the last several months. For once — for once! — it’s because I’ve got an abundance of excitement energy coursing through my veins, seeping into my bones and muscles, and encouraging a subtle prance.

My body vibrates. My legs bounce. My torso undulates. My eyebrows raise. My mouth smiles. And I breathe deep as I try to settle this energy. It moves in and out. Out towards my limbs and in towards my heart and belly…

As I sit here, I wonder how he’s changed. I wonder how his life and energy and friends and path are so unimaginably different than how he was with me. My memories serve up delicious bites of energy that feel good and comfortable. Many things I’m sure are the same. And yet, in reality, he’s also different. He has to be different. We’re different.

Time has gone by. New experiences have been had. Life has twisted and turned us upside down. Our energy no longer dances and entangles like two fractals blending into a beautiful new design. Instead, we angle…

This is where I use a cliche phrase
to describe a hard experience
that calls for all my learned and
developed resources.

This cliche phrase points to this place
Here — where rhythm and flow
and all sense of normalcy has vanished.
Where there’s swirling and stirring and whirring
below. A chaos of unknown order,
unperceived on the surface of things
but felt; a scrambling woman drowning, kind of.

Hands and arms floating
Above my head
my hair swirls
Bubbles float out my mouth and nose
making their squiggly way upwards, somewhere
(Where?) …

Is it okay to be vulnerable? Is it okay to admit that I don’t feel well today and that I haven’t felt well for a while? Is it okay to feel frustrated, irritated, and short-tempered? Is it okay to want to smash niceties and long-winded, unasked for answers? Is it okay to snap back?

Is it okay to finally relax back into — well, maybe I’m not “spiritual enough,” and I’m perfect that way? Is it okay to not vibe with “just be kind” and “respond compassionately”? Is it okay to feel anger? Rage? Is it okay to feel?


My Journey to Heal Tooth Decay Part Three

[Side note: I don’t regularly write on health and wellness topics anymore but due to a large volume of requests I’ve taken time out of my normal routine to create this follow-up article. Enjoy.]

It’s been about two and a half years since I wrote the original post about my journey to heal tooth decay. At the time, I had received horrible news from my local dentist. She wanted to do several root canals and a couple of fillings. All of this after years of going to her and, with each visit, being recommended some kind of dental work.


It’s election week. By the time this posts, I don’t know what will be the fate of America for the next four years. Maybe we won’t even know by the weekend.

Nothing seems right to write about now. I feel suspended in time, as though I’m holding my breath. I know I’m not alone. The days are growing darker by the minute as we descend towards the winter solstice, and the outlook for our country and world seems ever darker by the day as well. Meanwhile, people and families across the country are suffering.

The pandemic continues to force its…

Paula D. Jones

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